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Root Canals Treatments at Tyrone Family Dentistry


One of the most misunderstood, and therefore most feared, procedures in dentistry is the root canal. Tyrone Family Dentistry’s patients are often surprised to discover how comfortable, straightforward, and beneficial the treatment is.

What is a root canal?

Technically speaking, root canals are hollow spaces inside the lower part of teeth. They contain vessels, nerves, and other soft tissue, cumulatively known as dental pulp. In fractured or badly decayed teeth, the dental pulp can be exposed to bacteria, causing infection. It may also be injured by oral trauma. What you probably think of when you hear the term “root canal” is the procedure used to treat injured or infected canals.

Signs that a root canal treatment may be needed include:

  • Sensitivity to pressure or temperature
  • Frequent or constant toothaches
  • Pockets of pus or sores on the gums
  • Abscesses

About root canal therapy

The procedure is very similar to a simple filling, except that it involves more of the tooth structure.

  • The first step is local anesthetic, to completely numb the tooth.
  • Once you are comfortable, your dentist will create a small opening, to access the root canal
  • Specialized tools are used to remove damaged tissue, including the nerve in that tooth
  • Medication is added to sterilize the canal
  • The root canal is then filled and sealed, preventing further infection
  • In most cases, the final step is fitting the tooth with a porcelain crown. This protects it as well as restores its appearance and functionality.

The procedure is gentle and comfortable. Once it is complete, the infection will be gone and so will the nerve, putting an end to toothaches. You will be able to chew normally, because nerves in the gums sense pressure when you bite down.

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