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Don’t fear root canal treatment; restorative therapy comes to Tyrone dental patients’ rescue

Don’t fear root canal treatment; restorative therapy is offered by Dr. Khieu Anh at Tyrone Family Dentistry to Tyrone dental patients’ rescue

When the inner part of your tooth is infected or badly damaged, you’ll know it. Dental root canal treatment at Tyrone Family Dentistry resolves pain and other symptoms of infection, and may be the only way to save a tooth and prevent extraction. Ironically, root canal therapy has an undeserved reputation of being painful due to the pain that’s associated with the condition it treats. To understand root canal treatment benefits is to get to know why you may need restorative therapy in the first place.   Anatomy of an infected tooth Teeth contain nerves, vessels, and soft pulp tissue, … Continue reading

Tyrone, GA dentist explains how root canal dental treatment works

Dental Root Canal Treatment Tyrone

Many people will visibly cringe at the words “root canal” or tell you root canal horror stories they’ve heard that happened to others. Root canals do not deserve this negative reputation. At Tyrone Family Dentistry, located in Tyrone, GA, we strive to help patients understand how dental root canal treatment works and its vital role in helping preserve your beautiful and natural smile.   What is root canal treatment and how does it work? While root canals are what the procedure is called, it also refers to the hollow space inside the interior chamber of your tooth. The nerve and … Continue reading

Tyrone, GA dentist can save your tooth with a root canal procedure

Root Canal Tooth Tyrone Ga

Most people would agree, one of the worst pains in the world is a toothache. It amazes many that such a small area could cause such an intense pain. Often, the cause for severe toothaches is infection in the inner chamber of the tooth, where the pulp is. If you’ve ever wondered what a root canal is, the answer is that it is a procedure that can relieve the pain. Dr. Ann Khieu, of Tyrone Family Dentistry, serving Tyrone, GA, believes in helping patients overcome dental anxiety so they can have healthy and beautiful smiles.   What a root canal … Continue reading

Georgia patients find support with implants for dentures.

implants with dentures from dentist in Georgia

Dentures have been used for years to replace missing teeth. With continually advancing dental technology, dentures have dramatically improved. They now appear and function as natural teeth. Patients in Georgia are turning to implants for dentures to gain additional support and to maintain bone health. Implant supported dentures One of the biggest patient complaints with dentures is movement. Patients do not like the feeling of their dentures slipping or moving in their mouths. With implant-supported dentures, that is no longer an issue. Dental implants are small cylinders that are surgically inserted into the jaw. The bone and gums heal around … Continue reading

Tyrone, GA area dentist offers Invisalign as an alternative to braces

Tyrone, GA area dentist offers Invisalign as an alternative to braces

When Tyrone, GA area patients are told they need to consider braces for straightening the smile, many are immediately turned off by the idea. The concept of metal brackets and wires covering the teeth for months on end to achieve a straighter smile makes them reconsider. However, individuals with mild to moderate misalignment may be suitable for Invisalign.   Invisalign explained   Dr. Anh Khieu of Tyrone, GA is proud to offer Invisalign as another way to straighten the dental arch and the bite. Invisalign works differently from conventional braces. Instead of using brackets and wires, Invisalign works by using … Continue reading

Tyrone, GA practice offers pediatric dentistry

Tyrone, GA practice offers pediatric dentistry

Patients in the Tyrone, GA area seeking quality family dental services are encouraged to visit Tyrone Family Dentistry. We assist patients of all ages, including pediatric patients. Whether your child is just developing the first teeth or has not seen a dentist for several years, our practice provides a judgement-free zone for parents to get their children in for necessary dental work.   Services provided by a pediatric dentist   Dr. Anh Khieu understands the difference between dentistry for adults versus children. She knows that building a great foundation for dental health is essential in ensuring children enjoy healthy smiles … Continue reading

Recommended oral surgeon in Tyrone, GA discusses the reasons for oral surgery

Recommended oral surgeon in Tyrone

Do you suffer from tooth pain or pain from impacted teeth? Do you have teeth that need to be extracted or gaps from previously removed teeth? The most common dental oral surgeries are extractions, reconstructive surgery, and the placement of dental implants. If you are searching for a recommended oral surgeon for your dental procedures, look no further than Dr. Anh Khieu of Tyrone Family Dentistry in Tyrone, GA.   Reasons for oral surgery   We closely monitor your teeth and gums to watch for problems. If issues arise, we can treat them quickly. Oral surgery is used to treat … Continue reading

Patients find affordable toothache treatment in Tyrone, GA

Patients find affordable toothache

Tooth pain can strike at any moment. Ignoring the pain isn’t an option. If you are suffering from a toothache, it is important to see a dentist, as ignoring the pain can lead to further dental damage. With general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry procedures, Dr. Anh Khieu of Tyrone Family Dentistry in Tyrone, GA offers affordable dental treatments for a range of needs.   Causes of tooth pain   A toothache is no laughing matter. From sensitivity to stabbing aches, the type of tooth pain may signify the underlying issue. Your pain may be caused by: Receding gums Thinning of … Continue reading

Are dental veneers affordable for Tyrone, GA area patients?


Patients in the area of Tyrone, GA who are seeking cosmetic dental solutions are often interested in learning about affordable, effective options available to them. Dr. Anh Khieu and her team at Tyrone Family Dentistry encourage patients to take the time to find out more about porcelain veneers. What are porcelain veneers? Dental veneers are a treatment option available for individuals ready to improve the appearance of their smiles. These restorations are best used on the anterior teeth, or the teeth near the front of the mouth. They are made of ceramic and are custom-fabricated for patients. The dentist bonds … Continue reading

Dental implants are an affordable, long-term option for Tyrone, GA patients

Recommended Oral Surgeon Tyrone, GA

Patients of the Tyrone, GA area know they can visit Tyrone Family Dentistry for a variety of procedures to improve dental health, wellness, and appearance. When patients are faced with problems such as tooth loss, they need to speak to a professional about affordable replacement options. Dental implants are one solution that many patients think of, to replace one or more teeth within the smile. Dental implants explained Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically implanted into bone of the jaw. They function as the natural roots of teeth once did. These restorations are a prime choice because they … Continue reading

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